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Bienvenue sur la première source française sur Julianne Hough. Rapidement élevée au rang de star notamment en sortant un premier album et ayant remporté à plusieurs reprises "Dancing With The Stars". Julianne a su se faire un nom et prouver qu'elle était une artiste au multiple talent. Danseuse, chanteuse, actrice et femme d'affaires, tout lui réussi! Retrouvez toute son actualité au travers de ce site qui lui est entièrement consacré.
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KIND CAMP – Yesterday, took place  » Kind Camp «  organized by Kind Campaign, Julianne hough, Molly Mae Thompson and Lauren Paul.

MISSION : Kind Campaign & Julianne Hough’s Kind Camp will bring together middle and high school girls from the greater Los Angeles area for a life changing day focused on inspiring girls to develop healthy relationships with others and with themselves so that they are able to go after their dreams and better the world with confidence and KINDness.

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Through various breakout sessions, the girls were divided into group whose subjects were : Bullying, Media & Self Esteem, Healthy Self Care, Relationships, Be The Change. But they could also take pictures during « Kind Camp Photobooth  » . The day was for all wonderful . But those who participate , thereafter, the goal is : inspired to bring what they learned at Kind Camp back into their school hallways to create a KINDer environment and a more confident female student body. Some girls have shared on social networks « Twitter  » but also  » Instagram  » their feelings about this very special day :

« I love you Julianne! You’ve saved me. Thank you for today »

« I had such a fantastic time, thank you so much for everything! you’ve all helped me so much! »

« AWESOME day at Kind Camp ! Truly appreciate the opportunity and can’t wait to share!! xoxo Cam »

« Such an amazing experience, thank you so much. xx »

« I had such an amazing day today. You are such an inspiration to me and my mom and my friends. You, Molly, Lauren, and Jess really made me realize how important it is to love yourself the most. Thank you for everything Jules »

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To complete the day, Julianne also to share his feelings on Instagram, posting this :

« One of the most incredible and special days of my life so far! At 15 years old I KNEW that I wanted to help inspire young girls to be the open, kind hearted beautiful ladies that they already are! Someone to speak to and help give girls the inner confidence and beauty that is Them!!! I’m so grateful to have met Lauren Paul and Molly Mae Thompson of Kind Campaign as partners in creating kind camp but also as life long friends! We started talking about creating kindcamp over 2 years ago! This is a day I will never forget! Thank you to proactiv and UTA for making this incredible event possible. All of the kind crew counselors and the astonishing and beautiful speakers today!…. And of course to the incredible young ladies that came today with open hearts and open minds! It starts with « US » girls!!! « Be the change » This is what life and true happiness is really all about!

Jules »

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